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Congratulations on your new job! We understand a first day at work can be pretty exciting: new colleagues, a new workplace and of course a new manager. These ten tips will help you make sure your first day will be nothing but a success.

1. Be prepared

Make sure you don’t lose time on things you can prepare for, such as how long the commute to work is, where the parking space is, and where and to whom to report. Also check the dresscode and make sure to lay out your outfit in time. Is there a lunch facility or do you need to bring your lunch? Finally: go to bed on time to be fit on your first day of work. You might want to put off binging that new TV-show on Netflix and save it for the weekend.

2. Be on time

First impressions matter so don’t be late. And by that we mean be ten minutes early. Thanks to your excellent preparation, that won’t be an issue. You’ll send out an important signal: I’m ready and eager to start.

3. Introduce yourself

When meeting new people at your work place, the expectation will be that you, as the new employee, will take the initiative. Actively introduce yourself to your colleagues and make sure to look people in the eyes while you do. Don’t keep talking about yourself. Do ask questions, for example what kind of work the person does or how long they have been with the organization. Showing interest is always a good thing.

4. Join your colleagues for lunch

As of now, you’ll be spending a lot of time with your new colleagues, so it’s a good idea to get to know them better. Lunch is the ideal setting to engage with your colleagues in a relaxed athmosphere. So, when invited to lunch, certainly accept the invitation.

5. Don’t expect too much of yourself

It’s your first day of work. Nobody will expect you to be 100% productive or that you will solve all kinds of problems today. Don’t be too hard on yourself. The goal of this first day is to get to know your new employer and your new colleagues. Your time to add value will come!

6. Make notes

Of course you can’t remember all the information you receive on your first day, and that’s not a problem, but it is useful to write down the most important things so you can read them later. Bring a notepad or tablet and remember: it’s better to write down too much than too little.

7. Don’t bring up your last employer

This tip applies to the job interview as well as your first day of work. Don’t speak negatively about previous employers. You’ll be perceived as whiny and offended and most of all, colleagues will begin to wonder whether you’ll speak that way about them in the future.

8. Make sure to listen

Listen to conversations between colleagues carefully and observe their behavior. You’ll retain useful information about what’s going on and what’s important at your new work place.

9. Be professional

Your attention should be fully focused on your new job and colleagues. Your cellphone will have to do without you today. Pay attention to what you say and how you say it. It’s best if you don’t come across too vulgar or breezy. Show that you’d like to get to know your new colleagues and that you are eager to learn the processes at your new job.

10. Be active

There’s always a possibility that you’ll briefly be without anything to do. Don’t sit and wait util someone gives you a task. Be proactive. Read that brochure on the desk, check your notes or ask if you can help someone. Having trouble understanding something? Don’t hesitate to ask questions and ask for clarification.

Questions? Contact us!

If there are things unclear or things you would like to know before the start of your first work day, please contact us!

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