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How does a job where you perform meaningful work sound to you? Is that what you seek for? Then read further, because that’s the case at Merit Medical, an international customer-focused healthcare company. They deliver innovative medical devices that improve the lives of people throughout the world. Their goal is to hire and develop people who want to build something special through hard work, team effort, and commitment. Are you the perfect match with this company? As a part of the Merit Medical team you will be making a difference in the lives of patients around the world.

Why consider Merit Medical?

A dynamic, fast-paced and fun culture

We describe the company as welcoming and multicultural. You will be working in a family-like work environment with a culture of integrity. Built on teamwork and customer centricity, the culture is dynamic, fast-paced and fun. People interact informally with each other and everybody knows each other by name

Productivity is rewarded

Merit Medical is a typical American company that works result-oriented. They however do not drive a ‘masculine’ culture where many American companies are known for. They offer a professional, progressive work environment where productivity is rewarded.

Interesting employee benefits

The company prioritizes employee satisfaction and offers several benefits, including competitive salaries, flexible working hours, learning opportunities, medical benefits, and career growth. There are many developments within the company. This gives employees several opportunities for internal growth.

This is Merit Medical

The culture and values at Merit Maastricht

Work at Merit Maastricht

Flexibility offers various positions for the location in Maastricht. This is where the European Headquarter of Merit Medical is located. Strategic teams are working here, such as Customer Services, Logistics, IT, Quality, Legal and Marketing. Merit Maastricht is located just minutes from Maastricht Aachen Airport, near a bus stop and the A2 motorway. It has ample parking.

A great career choice

At the moment, more than 80 employees work at the growing Merit Maastricht campus. Will you be joining this great company? We think working at Merit Medical is a great career choice. They don’t just talk about valuing their employees but take action to demonstrate that they do value their employees. Do you want to work in a great environment and culture, want to perform meaningful work and have the opportunity to grow? Then Merit Medical is the perfect match with you.

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